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Minerva Health & Care Communications Ltd, United Kingdom

Minerva HC Communications UK Ltd is a micro medium-sized enterprise based in Hampshire, UK, specialising in Public Relations and Communications, supporting organisations across sustainability, agri-tech, food and science sectors to build capacity, competence and confidence in communications, delivering strategies that work. Minerva offers targeted support across all strategic communications activities, from bespoke training to comprehensive multi-discipline campaigns, event planning and delivery, online media and report writing. Whether working with charities, not-for-profits or European research projects, Minerva’s goal is to improve knowledge flow, create insights and share expertise, creating impact. As a business Minerva addresses issues, causes and concerns which advance the social good. As a communications specialist, Minerva has a proven track record of working successfully and collaboratively with a range of people and groups at a variety of levels from local councils, government action groups and committees, MPs and MEPs, national and international stakeholders.

Role in the project

Minerva leads WP8: Communications & Dissemination Delivering Impact, provides support and advice to all partners on communications matters, particularly for WP2 and WP7 as well as fulfilling all management duties as laid out in WP1.

Key persons involved

  • Rhonda Smith: WP8 leader
  • Marie Saville: Social media and social marketing, texting and graphics quality control
  • Virginia Neal: Organisation of communication campaigns
  • Szilvia Newell: Administration