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Sustain Sahel Consortium

Sustain Sahel has gathered partners who are leaders in their relevant domains and have multidisciplinary interest and expertise. Sustain Sahel's multi-stakeholder consortium consists of 18 partners including nine national and international research institutes, three universities, three farmer federations, one continental African forum for advisory services, and two communication SMEs. 

The Sustain Sahel consortium brings together research and development expertise in agro-economics and rural sociology, extension/advisory and communication, inter-and transdisciplinary research, modelling, the main sustainable production systems, livestock nutrition and health, cropping systems, legumes and diversified plant production, as well as soil health.

The consortium members are all involved in applying this scientific and practical expertise in their respective fields in order to promote sustainable intensification, and have contributed to a number of landmark achievements in these domains. The Sustain Sahel consortium also brings together vast expertise in state-of-the-art organic/agro-ecological and agroforestry practice throughout Western Africa, from forage production to capacity development, in dialoguing with farmers and government agencies to developing on-farm solutions and technologies. Via these partners Sustain Sahel has excellent outreach and dissemination capabilities.