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ISRA - Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research, Sénégal

The ISRA - Senegalese Agricultural Research Institute is the leading agricultural research institution of Senegal. The main tasks of ISRA are: the design and execution of research programs in crop, forest, animal, fish production and rural economy; the creation of scientific knowledge; the generation of technological innovations and the development of decision support tools to improve the agricultural sector; the valuation and transfer of research results; the promotion and training through research; the development of scientific cooperation with African and international research institutions and universities. There are five mains department research area in ISRA.

Role is the project

ISRA is involved in WP2, 3, 4 and 6.

Key persons involved

  • Dr. Hassna Founoune-Mboup: Leader of WP4
  • Dr. Tamsir Mbaye: Co-lead WP6
  • Dr. Assane Beye: Co-lead WP3 activities in Senegal
  • Dr. Moussa N'Diénor: Suprvise in WP4
  • Dr Astou Diao Camara: Country coordinator WP2 research and cooperation with IITA within WP3
  • Dr. Elhadji Malick Leye: Supervise in WP4
  • Dr. Bassirou Diallo: Training and advising farmers.
  • Dr. Djibril Badiane: WP4 in the Tambacounda region
  • Dr. Ndeye Hélène Diallo Diagne: Supervise in WP4
  • Mr. Papa Madiama Diop: WP4