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CNCR - National Council for Concertation and Rural Cooperation, Senegal

The National Council for Concertation and Rural Cooperation is an apolitical structure of civil society with national and sub-regional scope whose aim is to contribute to the development of a peasant agriculture which ensures a sustainable socio-economic promotion of family farms. It mainly uses advocacy, whose argument is primarily driven by permanent contact with its base, studies and tests of innovations in the real world and new ways of doing things. It has close partnership relations with ISRA, LCM and IRD research structures since 2004 as part of research-action projects to promote the inoculation of biofertilizers. As such, it implements multiple activities, among which include:

  • installation of young people in agriculture with the setting up of an incubation center
  • contractualization of farmers with industry for peanut
  • facilitation of partnership between research and producer organizations to improve the quality and marketing of processed products from priority agricultural sectors in Senegal, Togo, Niger and Benin
  • support for inoculum production in peasant environments;
  • promotion of local consumption by the College of Women throughout the country;
  • monitoring system for family farms and rural policies throughout the country.

For many years now, CNCR has been engaged in this partnership with research structures in a national knowledge-generating dynamic for the development of agro-ecological bioproducts and practices, taking into account biological and organic agriculture in Senegal. It pools with these skills structures and research infrastructures on the Dakar Bel Air joint research campus and provides the various projects with complementary skills and expertise. Operating both in the real world and in the laboratory, all research partners have the required profile to provide support to the CNCR and the POs, particularly on research themes addressing bio-fertilization, organic fertilization and the restoration of soil fertility.

Role in the project

Key persons involved 

  • Thioye Yoro Idrissa: Team leader of CNCR
  • Cisse Elhadji: Supervise the three site managers in Senegal