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Work package 6: Benefits of shrub foliage for livestock husbandry

Work package 6 aims to understand and quantify the role of the selected shrubs and shrub teams for improved livestock nutrition, health and productivity as well as for efficient nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) cycling. Together with livestock keepers, this work package will test the shrubs' suitability as:

  • strategic feed supplement for draught animals,
  • feed for fattening sheep and dairy cows kept by market-oriented farmers, and
  • penury feed complement of cattle, sheep and goats that serve as subsistence and risk aversion strategies in sedentary and mobile systems

Work package 6 will design site-specific prototype feed rations based on shrub foliage quality and farming system, as well as a user-friendly calculation tool for shrub-based rations. This work package will provide site-specific recommendations for N and C-efficient manure and shrub-mulch use in CSL systems using the simulation models LIVSIM and HEAPSIM of the Africa Nuances toolbox. 

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  • Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht: UNI Kassel, Work package 6 leader
  • Dr. Hadja Oumou Sanon: INERA, Work package 6 co-lead