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Access Agriculture, Belgium

Access Agriculture is an international non-profit association operating in the ‘digital agricultural extension’ domain. The vision of Access Agriculture is “Improved rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems in the global South” and the mission is “To promote agroecological principles and rural entrepreneurship through capacity development and South-South exchange of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos in local languages”.

Access Agriculture specialises in south-south knowledge exchange using videos in local languages to support sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and markets in developing countries. Access Agriculture was founded in 2012 largely as an outcome of research commissioned by the Global Forum on Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) that revealed gaps in rural advisory services (RAS) and the fact that farmers learn best from sharing experiences with other farmers. Access Agriculture is registered in Belgium where it has its headquarters and has regional offices in Kenya for East Africa and Southern Africa, in Benin hosted by IITA Benin to cover West and Central Africa region, in Bangladesh to cover the South East Asia region, and in Bolivia to cater for Latin America. 

Role in the project

Access Agriculture will contribute to Sustain Sahel within WP8 (mostly) and WP2 and other work-packages. 

Key persons involved

  • Dr. Florent Okry: Coordinates activities of Access Agriculture within SustainSahel
  • Dr. Jonas Wanvoeke: Video topics selection 
  • Kevin Mutonga: Video translation 
  • Marcella Vrolijks: video production activities 
  • Phil Malone: Advise on communication strategies