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AOPP - Association of Professional Farmer Organisations, Mali

The AOPP aims to defend the interests of producers and increase their participation in the definition and implementation of rural development policies and programmes at all levels. AOPP is composed of two hundred and fifty farmers' organisations (POs) spread throughout the country and includes more than one million Malian farmers. 

In order to meet the technical and economic capacity building needs of producers, five thematic commissions (cereal, cotton, fruit and vegetables, livestock, training) were created between 1997 and 2003. The actions carried out made it possible to support the initiatives of the POs at the grassroots level, to feed the reflections of the national office, and to promote political dialogue between the latter and the public authorities. In 2002, in response to the massive support of grassroots POs, the AOPP created regional coordination teams to promote the circulation of information between the local and national levels.

Role in the project

Key persons involved

  • Seydou Tangara: Team leader and contributor to WP2 and WP6
  • Souleymane Diarra: Assistant of the coordinator and monitoring in WP2
  • Oumar Coumar√©: Internal and external communication
  • N'Tyo Traore: Site supervision in Koulikoro and Sikasso