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IER - Institute of Rural Economy, Mali

The Institute of Rural Economy was created in 1960 as a Scientific and Technological Public Institution (EPST). The tasks assigned to the IER are: developing and implementing agricultural research programs; providing technical support for agricultural development, including research; developing appropriate production, operating and conservation technologies; ensuring, in collaboration with extension services, the transfer of technological innovations to the rural world; contributing to the training, scientific and technical information of agricultural research and development personnel; and providing services in the various fields of IER’s competences. To achieve these objectives, the IER has a general management unit in Bamako composed of a scientific management, a technical support services management and a financial resources management, as well as six Regional Agricultural Research Centres (CRRAs) operating through eight stations and thirteen substations.

Role in the project

IER is involved in WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7.

Key person involved

  • Dr. Fagaye Sissoko: Leader of IER’s team; WP5 and WP4 in Mali
  • Dr. Urbain Dembélé: Country coordinator WP2; maintain cooperation with IITA, WP3
  • Dr. Alassane Ba: WP 4 and WP6
  • Dr. Sidi Sanogo: WP4 and WP5
  • Amadou Traore: WP5 and PW7