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Work package 5: Impact of tree/shrub intercropping on soil ecology

Work package 5 aims to identify the effects of various shrubs presence on soil health and quality. Shrub management and practical use (preparation, pruning, use as forage, localisation, quality, use biomass from pruning as soil amendment, timing and impact of browsing on manure input) will be in focus. This work package will illustrate the effects of shrubs on soil water capture and holding capacity, including hydraulic lift, biological functioning and the mechanisms involved. Work package 5 will build a simple ad-hoc model that links practices with soil properties to predict how management changes could affect such properties. The results from this model will become one of the building blocks of the modelling in work package 7.

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  • Prof. Dr. Hassan Bismarck Nacro: UBD, Work package 5 leader
  • Dr. Laurent Cournac: IRD, Work package 5 co-lead