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Work package 1: Project management

This work package is responsible for effective scientific and administrative management, and maintaining the interaction between partners, stakeholders and the wider public. It links related projects with SustainSAHEL and the SFS 33 platform. FiBL-CH will coordinate the scientific programme, supported by FiBL-EU, in charge of the administrative coordination. Furthermore, work package 1 will be responsible for coordinating the interaction with SFS 33 and providing contractual reports to the EC.

This work packages main objectives are to:

  • oversee administration, operational management, and project implementation including internal effective communication and collaboration between the coordinator, individual consortium members, and the European Commission/Research Executive Agency (EC/REA)
  • organise and administer consortium networking and governance, including the support of relevant bodies and meetings
  • ensure efficient and effective management and decision-making procedures 
  • implement sound financial management and controlling systems, quality assurance of deliverables and periodic and final reports, and 
  • handle data management

More information


  • Dr. Andreas Fliessbach: FiBL, Work package leader
  • Dr. Harun Cicek: FiBL, Scientific coordinator