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UNB - Nazi BONI University, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Nazi BONI University (UNB) is the former Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso; it is located at Bobo Dioulasso the second biggest town of Burkina Faso with centers at Gaoua and Banfora. The university comprises institutes, high schools and university centers. It is a Public university with scientific, cultural and technical character in charge of higher education and research activities. The main tasks assigned UNB are: 1) implementing capacity building students; 2) conducting research and technology extension 3) issue titles and diplomas; 4) promote skills in all sectors of the country. UNB has more than 150 research professors conducting teaching and research activities in seven (7) high schools or institutes, and two (2) University Centers in the fields of medicine, languages and Sociology, Sciences and techniques, law and economy, rural development (agronomy, zootechnics, forestry). Research activities at UNB are carried by pluridiciplinary teams of professors, doctoral and postdoctoral students in 13 laboratories, working in different thematic in relation to the development issues in Burkina Faso. The activities of Sustain Sahel project will be conducted in the. 

Role in the project

UNB will contribute to Sustain Sahel through the LERF- Laboratory of Study and research on soil fertility -, a section of the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences and Agronomy and Institute of Rural Development (IDR), which is organized in five departments. The laboratory staff includes a multidisciplinary team of 11 professors, 12 PhD students and 15 master students. The laboratory works in strong collaboration with the other laboratories of UNB and the research team of the Department of Vegetal Production of INERA. Since its creation in 2009, the Laboratory (LERF) have been carrying out research and training activities in different aspects of soil fertility management, soil characterisation in farming systems, agro-pastoralism, and characterization of farming systems in Burkina Faso. The laboratory is currently conducting several projects with various partners. Since 2017, we are conducting the BIOPROTECHSOL project in collaboration with Université de Liège and funded by ARES (; in the frame of the program H2020, our laboratory is working in EWA-BELT project where it is mainly involved in WP2 as lead Institution. 

Key persons involved

  • Prof. Dr. Hassan Bismarck Nacro: WP5 leader, research activities and supervision of students
  • Prof. Kalifa Coulibaly: WP5, responsible for field and laboratory activities
  • Prof. Mamadou Traore: WP5, conducting field and laboratory activities 
  • Prof. Patrice Toé: Country coordinator of WP2 and contribute to WP8
  • Prof. Jérôme Yaméogo: WP5, conducting field and laboratory activities
  • Dr Bernard Bacyé: WP5, conducting field and laboratory activities
  • Dr. Kalhil Sheick Sangare: WP5, conducting field and laboratory activitiesDr. Michel Kere: WP4 and WP6, animal production
  • Dr Issaka Senou