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Work package 8: Communications and dissemination driving impact

Work package 8 will deliver strategic communications and dissemination planning and actions to amplify the project's impacts. Awareness, dissemination and engagement with targeted stakeholders will be achieved through direct and outreach actions including meetings with policy, research and practice oriented agencies and influencers; development for farmers of visual/audio materials (translated into 9 local languages) for capacity development workshops, local outreach field days, online communications via website, media and social media, and high profile events - exhibition, reception and international conference – to secure high level policy attention.
The tone and content of all materials produced, and events organised, will address the interests, and needs of all stakeholders with particular attention paid to the needs of women and youth. Project results will be effectively disseminated to end users, agricultural development agencies and donors, with help to scale up good practices in the field by developing and using farmer-to-farmer training videos in local languages of the region.

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  • Rhonda Smith: MINERVA, Work package 8 leader
  • Dr. Abdoul Aziz Diouf: CSE, Work package 8 co-leader
  • Helga Willer: FiBL, Work package 8 co-leader