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Work package 3: Adoption and scaling pathways

Work package 3 is responsible for assessing the adoption and farm-level sustainability performance of existing intensification strategies and evaluate the socio-economic impacts and scaling potential of the improved practices.

This work package aims to:

  • gather evidence on the important socio-economic factors that determine adoption of shrub integration in crop-livestock systems
  • examine uptake of existing crop, shrub, livestock systems among farmers at the Koulikoro and Niakhar study sites,
  • assess the effect of pilot activities (i.e. improved shrub integration) on a range of farm-level outcomes— changes in mindsets, awareness, behaviour, crop yields, gross margins, and resilience, and
  • determine aggregate livelihood changes and scaling potential.

These results will be essential to identify effective scalable sustainable intensification pathways. Findings will deliver quantitative information to decision-makers on the benefits and costs of proposed actions. In-depth information about the readiness of innovation components will inform and complement the adoption study and impact evaluation results.

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  • Dr. Christian Grovermann: FiBL, Work package 3 leader
  • Dr. Tesfamicheal Wossen: IITA, Work package 3 co-lead