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AFAAS - African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services, Burkina Faso

The AFAAS - African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services goal is "Enhanced utilisation of improved knowledge and technologies by agricultural value chain actors to catalyse sustainable inclusive agricultural development to feed and create prosperity for Africa". AFAAS works closely with some of the key agricultural research and development frameworks on the African continent like GFRAS - Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services and upholds the 2014 Malabo Declaration and the CAADP - Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, as well as the S3A - Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa. AFAAS operates at country and regional levels and currently AFAAS has a membership of over 40 African countries, with two sub regional networks, namely RESCAR-AOC and SARFAAS.

Role in the project

Within the context of Sustain Sahel, AFAAS is working with the West and Central Network of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (RESCAR-AOC). The mission of RESCAR-AOC is to provide to agricultural and rural advisory services actors a framework for capacity development, sharing and learning, networking and collaboration to ensure efficient harnessing of agricultural advisory services potential agricultural development policies and interventions. RESCAR-AOC is a member of AFAAS and GFRAS and adheres to the principles of subsidiarity for activities conducted at global, continental or national levels. 

Key persons involved

  • Dr. Patrice Djamen: WP2 leader
  • Mr. Yacouba Coulibaly, WP2, coordination and support to IPs in Mali
  • Mr. Issoufou Yameogo, WP2, coordination and support to IPs in Burkina Faso
  • Mr. Idrissa Nacambo, WP2, planning and monitoring and evaluation
  • Prof. Dr. Amadou Ndiaye, WP2, coordination and support to IPs in Senegal
  • Mr. Max Olupot: WP2, Contributes to technical and management elements