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Work package 2: Co-innovation and capacity development

All biophysical research, demonstration and piloting activities of Sustain Sahel will depend on the dynamics and outputs of work package 2. This work package is responsible for coordinating situational analysis and innovation platforms installed at the seven sites involving key stakeholders; farmers, farmer organisations active in their respective value chains (and member organisations of the leading national umbrella producer federations), project researchers extension and advisory services. This work package will develop systematic crop, shrub, livestock integrated systems with innovation networks of farmers, value-chain operators (cereals, legumes, milk, meat, cotton, fruits and others), extension services and researchers at various scales in order to improve agricultural production potential and farmers' income through capacity building.

Work package 2's main objectives are to:

  • identify existing crop, shrub, livestock integrated systems and value chains in the study sites
  • identify the preliminary constraints for sustainable intensification and consequences for productivity and soil quality
  • facilitate the co-development of strategies to intensify the integration of crops, shrubs, livestock systems, and 
  • strengthen capacities of advisory services and farmers organisations for efficient promotion of crops, shrubs, livestock systems

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  • Dr. Patrice Djamen: AFAAS, UG, Work package 2 leader
  • Gian Nicolay: FiBL, Work package 2 co-lead