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CPF - The Peasant Confederation of Faso, Burkina Faso

CPF is the national platform of farmers' umbrella organizations in Burkina Faso active in the agro-silvo-pastoral field. In 2002 five umbrella farmer organizations joined together, and over time, ten other organizations have joined, bringing the number of its members to 15 umbrella organizations. The CPF has 1,500,000 individual members at the base. In terms of governance bodies, the CPF has a General Assembly, an elected Board of Directors and a Permanent Secretariat in support of the Board of Directors to manage daily the activities of the Confederation. The Permanent Secretariat is led by a technical team of eight executives of various profiles: Rural Development Engineer, Economist, Geographer, Communicator, Financial Manager, Administrative Assistant. To ensure gender mainstreaming in all of its activities, CPF has set up a Rural Youth College and a Rural Women's College. The CPF is a member of several program boards, rural development projects and represents farmers' organizations in various consultative frameworks: Economic and Social Council, National High Council for Scientific Research and Innovation, Sectorial Framework for Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Dialogue, National Fund for Research and Innovation for Development, National Steering Committee of Growth Poles, Steering Committee of the National Rural Sector Program, etc. The CPF is a member of the committee to set up the National Forum of Agricultural Advisory Services (SCA) in Burkina Faso in collaboration with AFAAS.

Role in project

CPF will mainly assume the mobilisation of farmers and their farmers' organisations active in the different target value chains of the project (cereals, pulses, meat, cotton, fruit and others). Thus, CPF will manage of the sites (Yilou and Saria) as well as the animation of the innovation platforms that will be created there. The CPF will intervene more particularly in WP2 in which it is the leader of Task 2.3: Facilitation of the co-development of strategies to intensify the integration of CAB systems. In addition, CPF is involved in the implementation of the following WPs: 4; 5; 6; 8.

Key persons involved

  • Issoufou Porgo: Team leader and coordinator
  • Julienne Ouattra: Internal communication and communication link with WP8
  • Alphonse T. Tiamogo: Mobilisation and support-advice in Yilou
  • Alexandre K. Kouraogo: Mobilisation and support-advice in Saria