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IITA - International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, KY

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture is an award-winning, research-for-development (R4D) organization, providing solutions to hunger, poverty, and the degradation of natural resources in Africa. Since 1967, IITA has worked with international and national partners to improve livelihoods, enhance food and nutrition security, increase employment, and preserve natural resource integrity. As one of 15 research centres in the CGIAR, a global partnership for a food secure future, IITA is engaged in several CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). IITA has delivered more than 70% of the CGIAR’s impact in sub-Saharan Africa and remains committed to science-driven improvement of agriculture and related food value chains. IITA’s R4D programs are focused on four crucial areas: Biotechnology and genetic improvement, natural resource management, social science and agribusiness, plant production and plant health and nutrition and food technology.

Role in the project

IITA will contribute to WP3: Adoption and scaling.

Key persons involved

  • Dr. Tesfamicheal Wossen: WP3 Co-lead
  • Dr. Tahirou Abdoulaye: WP3
  • Dr. Bola Awotid: WP3