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UNI KASSEL - University of Kassel, Germany

University of Kassel is a dynamic university with a particularly broad range of disciplines and a focus on inter- and transdisciplinary research in the context of sustainable development, with well-established links to the private and the public sector. The University’s Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences is the only agricultural faculty in Germany dealing primarily, if not exclusively, with aspects of organic agriculture at regional to global scale.

Role in the project

In Sustain Sahel, the University of Kassel participates with the sections Animal Husbandry in the Tropics and Subtropics and Organic Plant Production and Agroecosystems Research in the Tropics and Subtropics. 

Key persons involved

  • Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht: WP6 leader
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Buerkert: Coordination of manuring and mulching trials
  • Dr. Regina Roessler: Coordination of livestock-related research activities, cross-location data analysis, liaison person for WP 4
  • Dr. Carsten Marohn: Landscape modelling in WP7
  • Dr. Sophie Graefe: Coordination of manuring and mulching trials, liaison person for WP5+8
  • Siriki Fané: Associated PhD student